Feeling is Healing

We are now at a time in human evolution when we are being called to heal our emotional bodies. This phenomenon is happening at an accelerated rate. Many aspects of our world have become imbalanced and at times seem chaotic and out of control. This imbalance is reflected in our own personal lives. Through the process of healing our emotional bodies and regaining our personal balance, we are able to heal the spiritual self and reconnect in a profound way to the unconditional love of Creator. Thus we are able to love ourselves, have love for all our human brothers and sisters, and truly know eternal peace of mind.

Experiencing the process of Core Emotional Healing at the White Raven Center, is an opportunity for you to shift your patterns of victimization, hiding, projecting, and blaming and to thaw out those frozen feelings. The process is physically and emotionally demanding and requires willingness to trust and risk in ways that may stretch your comfort zones and challenge your ego boundaries. Your willingness to participate is directly proportional to the results that you will achieve; how much work you elect to do always remains your choice. In this work there are no right or wrong answers, no good or bad processes; there is only truth from your perspective.

The deepest and most successful core-level healing comes from truly being able to feel; in fact, feeling is healing. In today’s world we have all learned so many ways to block our true feelings. In a sense, we have become a society of addicts, attempting to fulfill ourselves externally instead of going within. This powerful work gets right to the heart of the matter, leading one directly into their own inner truth. The process facilitates the transformation of heavy old negative feelings into light positive feelings, thus teaching you how to fill yourself up from the inside. The process takes you beyond rational thought into a deeper awareness of self, facilitating quantum growth and transformation that is truly life changing.

We know that healing happens from the inside out and that true fulfillment comes only from inside ourselves. The focus of the White Raven staff is to help you discover, embrace and transform the core issues and beliefs that hold you back from full creative self-expression and fulfillment, inner peace and true freedom of heart. We do this in the most loving, gentle and caring environment we can possibly create. Our commitment is to fully support your process in a space of unconditional love and acceptance free from any judgment, to honor your experience as your truth and to make sure that you have grounded the experience.

We founded the White Raven Center because we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to heal. A White Raven Center session is an invitation to heal repressed emotional pain created as a result of traumatic life events. It is an opportunity to dissolve mental, physical and energetic blocks — and experience core emotional healing.

True fulfillment comes from within and sometimes we all need an experienced guide to support the discovery of our vast inner potential. Our commitment is to fully support each participant’s process, to honor individual space and to ensure the experience is grounded. White Raven Center facilitators do this in the most loving, gentle and caring environment we can create. The magnificent result is inner peace.

Abundant Blessings,

Marianne Rolland & Floyd Guthrie